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Adopting one-stop service, we can flexibly cope with diversitied needs.

All of the precious metal scraps that we purchase around Japan is melted, refined, analyzed and manufactured at our own plant. We have a comprehensive organization that allows us to flexibly meet the needs of our customers as a general manufacturer of precious metal products.

Analysis technology to produce high grade and high quality products

The Technique of Analysis that Supports the High Purity and Quality Our analyzing technology is the major reason that we can produce high quality products. With respect to gold and platinum, analysis accuracy is the foundation of our products. At Nihon Material, we have a dedicated analysis team that works under a stringent control system.

Cutting-edge treatment facilities that puts the environment first

The Newest Treatment Facilities We emphasize environmental protection. That is why we have acquired ISO 14001 certification and continue to make improvements for protecting the environment. We have put a special emphasis on waste water treatment and have adopted advanced equipment that utilizes bacteria. Waste water is filtered three times before going into the processing unit where it is purified to pass the waste water standards.

New Product Cycle


Our plant has received both
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Precious metals are melted, separated, molded and analyzed within a very stringent quality control system.
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