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Nihon Material is a general manufacturer of precious metals with a strong foundation based on its technology.

Nihon Material increases the value of precious metals through its technological foundation, links them with people and industries, and creates and enables a cycle in which there is no waste.
Nihon Material's 4 Businesses

Sales of Materials used in industry and for jewelry

Both gold and platinum are used widely because of their beauty and for their physical properties. Nihon Material manufactures its own high-grade products. In addition to industrial use and for use in jewelry, we also manufactures precious metal ingots and products which are popular with general customers for investment purposes.

Buying and Selling Gold

In any age, gold is popular both as an asset and as something to invest in. Nihon Material buys and sells gold bars, gold coins and other gold products as well as platinum products. Because our purchases and sales are through trustworthy face-to-face transactions, we can meet the various needs of our customers according to their budgets.

Purchasing Precious Metals and Diamonds

We purchase gold and platinum coins and ingots, diamonds and other precious metals and jewelry that our customers no longer need at all of our branchs throughout Japan. In order to maximize the use of limited natural resources, we must develop what are called "urban mines." We were one of the pioneers in purchasing and recovering precious metals.

Refining Analysys

The precious metals in the market take many forms; some are made from a single material while others are a mix of many different metals. We were one of the first companies to become involved in refining, and use our advanced technology and the latest equipment to produce high quality and high grade products.
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